Bombscout IED:

The purpose of this training is to instruct staff that work in security services, emergency response and staff that are responsible for company security to become IED bombscouts to implement preventative searches and IED incidents. During this course, you will learn, both in theory and in practice, to execute a targeted search for improvised explosives, following the proper procedures that are necessary for thorough completion of an IED incident.

Bombscout IED Team Leader:

The purpose of this training is to instruct appropriate personnel to lead and manage a team of investigators. Before following this course, you must have already been certified as an IED bombscouts. It is also possible to combine both courses into one. During this course, you will learn to analyse an IED incident and make a plan of action based on the information gathered so that an adequate search can be executed by the Investigators. Both the IED bombscout and the IED bombscout Team Leader courses are given in different modules using practical scenarios in order to ensure as realistic situations as possible.

Dog Handler - Explosives Detection Dog:

This course is specifically targeted to training and educating dog handlers who will be working with explosive detection dogs (EDD) for specific assignments where explosive detection dogs need to be deployed. Working in different modules, the dog handlers learn the background of explosive substances and their affects, as well as the best way that an explosives detection dog can come into its own.

Dog Handler - Explosives Detection Dog Air Cargo Screening:

Special Security Services NL provides training since 2012 specifically for dog handlers focused on screening air cargo. This training gives specific attention to dog handler procedures and practices when screening air cargo with sniffer dogs. This includes the possibilities of using EDD, European legislation, preparation for certification, practical training and responsibilities associated with executing air cargo screening activities.

Dog Handler - Narcotics and Drugs Detection Dog:

This training is targeted to instruct future dog handlers in understanding different approaches to implementing a search, the difference and variety of narcotics, and the procedures that should be followed, together with the respective responsibilities when Narcotics and/or drugs have been found.

Explosives Detection Dog (EDD):

Training and education of Explosives Detection Dogs focused on locating (improvised) explosives, covers a wide range of practice-oriented scenarios where the dogs are prepared for working in and with different situations and objects. The dogs are trained on the most commonly used (explosive) materials that can be used in IEDs or found in fireworks etc.

Explosives Detection Dog for Air Cargo Screening (EDD):

Besides undertaking the basic EDD training, these dogs are specifically trained for deployment in air cargo screening. Training takes place at operational locations whereby the dogs are directly exposed to various distractions that occur regularly in operational assignments. The dogs are optimally prepared for their assignment so that any potential drop in interaction with their new handler is reduced to a minimum. Also, combinations during their induction period prepare the dogs for certification by the Civil Aviation Security Supervisor.

Narcotics and Drugs Detection Dog Drugs:

These dogs are trained to recognise the smell of the most common drugs. They are also trained in different locations with many distractions. This way, the dogs will quickly become accustomed to ignore a range of smells that could potentially obstruct them from locating narcotics and/or drugs.