Special Security Services NL provides training, services and products to protect companies and their personnel as much as possible against criminal or terrorist threats. Our training program offers a wide spectrum in terms of preparation for possible improvised explosive detection (IED) incidents including: threat analysis, incident management, search procedures, evacuation procedures and the role of (local) governments in an IED incident. A number of the trainings are briefly described below.


  • Bombscout IED
  • Bombscout IED Team Leader
  • Dog Handler - Explosive Detection Dog   
  • Dog Handler - Explosive Detection Dog Air Cargo Screening
  • Dog Handler - Narcotics and Drugs Detection Dog

Training and educating dogs for the following disciplines:

  • Explosives Detection Dog (EDD)
  • Explosives Detection Dog Air Cargo Screening (EDD)
  • Narcotics & Drugs Detection Dog

For a detailed overview about the trainings provided by Special Security Services NL, click HERE.