With consultancy regarding (rising) tension and /or the threat of an attack with the possibility of improvised explosives, Special Security Services NL can be commissioned to make an assessment specifically targeted to your organisation and/or company, making an inventory of all the related risks. Following this inventory, specifically tailored advice is given on possible precautionary measures, training of your organisation’s security staff and implementation procedures. Of course, we can explain this in a face-to-face meeting much better, and in more detail, than how this is described on our website.
Given that Special Security Services NL maintains a strict policy with regards to secrecy, confidentiality and integrity, formats for precautionary measures and procedures are not described here. For more information regarding these, please contact us.

Explosives Detection Team:

Special Security Services NL Explosives Detection teams carry out explosives detection activities on behalf of private companies, industries and/or government on both a national and international level. These detections are divided up into preventative searches and regular searches in response to bomb threats. Local governments are always notified in advance of the searches to shorten the reaction time and directly apply governmental procedures if discovery has been made of an improvised explosive device.

Preventative search:

Under a preventative search, sweeping (comprehensive search) is carried out on a location for possible presence of (improvised) explosives. Often these searches are conducted prior to events, such as large corporate events, VIP security and events that require a high level of security. Prior to a preventative search, Special Security Services NL carries out an assessment and documents a complete procedure on how the search will be carried out. In doing so, the client is fully informed on the action plan, implementation and the procedures that need to be followed. After implementation of the preventative search, the Special Security Services NL Team Leader will provide the client with a report on the findings.

Explosives detection following a bomb threat:

Special Security Services NL also carries out explosives detection after a bomb threat. It should be taken into account that a targeted search for the possible presence of improvised explosive devices can only take place at the request of and under the responsibility of the (local) government. With a bomb threat, certain governmental procedures are enforced, that can only be executed by governmental personnel. In these circumstances, Special Security Services NL only provides assistance under the supervision of an investigating officer. After performing a search, the Special Security Services NL Team Leader will document a report of the findings.