International Cargo Security

International Cargo Security is a separate division within Special Security Services NL that specialises in screening of  air cargo screening by EDD. Special Security Services NL is also a recognised training institute for dogs and dog handlers in screening air cargo.

Special Security Services NL’s combinations for training explosive detection dogs meet all offical requirements and, as such, are certified by the Supervisor of Civil Aviation Security, who also frequently tests the combinations for their deployability in relation to quality assurance.

Special Security Services NL offers screening of your air cargo by means of the previously mentioned explosive detection dogs combinations, whereby the cargo handling is not (or is hardly) disturbed and time is even gained in the manual control of air cargo.

Special Security Services International NL provides a 24/7 service for Air Authorised Agents.

If you would like further information on screening air cargo, please contact us via the contactform or directly by phone: 06-125 67 883.