Detection Dogs


The detection dogs division within Special Security Services NL includes commissioned detection dog training and instruction in various disciplines, including explosive detection, narcotics detection, human scent detection and dogs trained for detection of specific purposes or objects.  Additionally, Special Security Services NL instructs and trains detection dog handlers to work with detection dogs as described on this website.

Explosives Detection Teams:

The Special Security Services NL explosive detection dogs are trained in as many different locations, vehicles and conditions, in order to make them very versatile. They are also trained with the most common (explosives) basic components that can be currently found in improvised explosives. Special Security Services NL’s explosives detection dog teams can be used for screening air cargo, preventative searches, searches in response to a bomb threat and searches related to locating firearms and fireworks on an International level.

Narcotics & Drugs Detection Dog Teams:

Special Security Services NL’s narcotics detection dogs are trained to recognise a broad range of drugs and narcotics that are currently used. Depending on the nature of the contract relating to the deployment of these teams, a plan will be developed in consultation with the client, to ensure that all parties are aware of the method of deployment and the completion of the search.