Special Security Services

Special Security Services NL is a company based in the Netherlands that specialises in consulting, deployment and training in safety against (improvised) explosives used by criminal and terrorist organisations and the threats that these bring.

Special Security Services NL offers support to businesses; the private sector; (local) government and security organisations in "counterterrorism" with advice, training and e deployment of an Explosives Detection Team. Special Security Services NL staff has solid experience in (international) issues related to deployment and consultancy in the field of improvised explosive devices, based on the demonstrable Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technology.

The combination of training and instructing explosive detection dogs together with proven experience in the field of (international) searches for the possible presence of improvised explosive devices ensures that Special Security Services NL can offer very professional support in the field of security in screening air cargo, (international) events, VIP security and high level security.

If you have questions on the use of our Explosives Detection Team, security and /or consultancy, please contact us.